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Popular Casino Games

Who doesn’t enjoy taking a trip to the casino every once in a while? I know that I personally do. I think it can always be a fun time to spend a little bit of cash trying my luck at different games to see if you can get a little bit lucky. In this post I’m going to list five of the most popular casino games which you can usually play online, or at any live casino you visit. These games are extremely easy to learn and can keep you entertained all evening long. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for them next time you visit you’re playing at your favorite casino!

#1. Bingo – Bingo is a classic game where players will try to match randomly selected numbers to the numbers on their card. Cards consist of a 5×5 matrix where each column is represented by the letters B-I-N-G-O. Usually the middle square will be a “free square” and the first person who can form a specific pattern will call out “Bingo!” After the card is checked for accuracy the winner is announce and a new round begins.

#2. Baccarat – Baccarat isn’t as popular as some of the other casino games out there. In Baccarat each player has three options: Player, Tie, and Banker. Once all players have put in their bet, the dealer will deal out 2-card hands. One is the banker hand and the other is the player hand. The hands are each added up and if a hand totals over ten, the ten is dropped (for example: 9+5=14=4). A hand that is equal to 10 will become 0 (or baccarat). The winning hand will end up being the higher of the two and anyone who placed a corresponding bet will win.

#3. Keno – Keno is a game similar to the lottery. A card is presented with numbers between 1 and 80. The player will pick up to 20 different numbers of place their wager. After that, 20 random numbers will be drawn and the player will try to match as many numbers as possible. The more numbers the player can match, the more they will end up winning.

#4. Roulette – Roulette is a fairly easy game to bet on. Players will place their chips on the table wherever they would like to wager. Tables usually consist of numbers 0-36 and 00. Players can also bet on things like even/odd, red/black, and first/second/third columns. The dealer will then spin a wheel and roll a ball in a counter-clockwise direction. The ball lands in one particular numbered slot on the wheel and that’s the winning number. All corresponding bets will become winners and the everything is reset.

#5. Slots – There is a large variety of different slot machine games available on any casino floor. Players will insert money into the machine and select the amount they wish to wager on each spin. They will then press a button or pull a lever and the machine will then begin spinning wheels. When the wheels come to a stop, players are paid based on patterns of symbols.

Now that you’ve read about five of the most popular games to play inside a casino, it’s time to plan your next trip to one. Once you’re there, take a few minutes to learn more details about any of these games which sound fun and exciting to you. Take a few extra bucks and try playing one or two!


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