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A Quick Bingo Glossary


Like all games, bingo has its own special terms, and it is important for all budding bingo players to understand what these terms mean. Provided below is a quick guide to all the terms you need to know.

Blackout– Also known as coverall, blackout refers to a pattern in which every space on the card must be covered in order to win.

Caller– The caller is the person calling out the numbers in a bingo game.

Dauber– A dauber is a bottle or pen filled with ink. The dauber has a foam tip, and it is used to mark the numbers on the bingo cards.

Early bird game– An early bird game is one which starts prior to the regularly scheduled game.

Free space– The free space is the center square of the card, and it functions much like the joker card in a card game. The free space counts towards all winning plays in bingo.

Game board– The game board refers to the display board which is used to display the numbers which have been called.

Game room– A term used in online bingo to refer to a single set of players.

G.T.I.– This refers to an electronic dauber system which is used to play multiple packs. These systems generally require a rental fee, and only one G.T.I per player is allowed.

Hard way bingo– Hard way bingo refers to a bingo win in a straight line without using the free space.

Jackpot– The jackpot is a large prize typically given for achieving a hard pattern like a blackout pattern in a specified number of balls.

Minimum buying– The lowest amount a player must spend in order to be eligible for the prizes being awarded.

Money ball– The money ball is a number which is drawn before the game begins, and the winnings double if a player hits bingo on that number.

Pattern– The pattern refers to the shape used to cover the card as the numbers are called out. Most often the pattern is a straight line, but four corners and blackout patterns can be used as well.

Progressive jackpot– A jackpot which continues to grow until it is one. Progressive jackpot games usually come with separate buy in requirements.

Rainbow pack– A rainbow pack is a paper pack which allows the players to compete for three or four different prizes at one time.

Six pack– Six numbers in a block on a single card

Validation– This refers to the eligibility which is required to win additional jackpots. The price will vary according to the number of cards which are played.

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