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Big Shot – Slot Game Review


big shot slog game

I’m always checking out new slot games on different casino websites to see what’s available. It wasn’t long ago when I came across a new game called “Big Shot.” The image of a cool guy and pretty girl looked interesting so I thought I’d try playing to see what it’s all about. Overall, I really enjoyed the game and think both men and women of all ages would have a nice time playing it. The theme of the game really goes along with its name. Picture yourself being a celebrity in Hollywood, searching for cash and gold which you can win by playing the game! This appears to be a pretty popular slot machine and it seams to be available at most USA and Canada casinos. Have a look at some of the other cool features you’ll find when playing Big Shot at your favorite online casino.

Cool Bonus Round – Just like other slots, this game also has a really cool bonus. To get into the Big Shot Bonus Round you will need to try and get the Big Shot symbol on reels 1 and 5 in the same spin.

Lots of Betting Lines – If you’re into the older 1 or 3 line reel machines then this slot machine isn’t for you. Big Shot offers up to 20 lines with bets ranging from a nickel up to fifty dollars.

Only Available Online – I guess this would be one of the biggest downsides to the game; I can’t go play it at my local casino! Unfortunately, Big Shot is one of those ‘online only’ slot games which you can only find at some of the different online casino websites.

If you’ve been searching for someplace to gamble on Big Shot for real money then consider clicking on the image provided below. That would be one of my recommended casinos which currently offers the Big Shot slot game along with various others. They also allow real money deposits from US players! Think you’re a big shot? Try your luck and see if you become a big winner by playing this cool new online slot machine. I did and had fairly decent luck on it!

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