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Bingo – The Perennial Church Fundraiser


Few fundraisers are identified with various churches and bingo night. During the whole time as I can remember, the night of bingo at the church was a fun experience, and I very much expected. Though I suppose it was technically the game, it was more fun than anything else, and always a much-needed source of income for the church and its good works.

As much as the thrill of winning money or prizes, the camaraderie of getting together with friends for a night of fun doing good an old church basement bingo more enjoyable. While the stakes, and the cost is much higher in the larger bingo halls and Indian casinos, there is still nothing as exciting as shouting bingo in a church full of old and new friends.

Fortunately for us, the bingo hall of the church remain as a source of income for churches and a great source of fun for the faithful and not so much. I know that my church welcomes people of all religions to their weekly bingo night, if they are members of the church or not. I am sure that most churches have the same capability to everyone

When it comes to prizes for the bingo night, which have ranged from everything from fun prizes to gift certificates donated by local handicrafts made by members of the church, of course, cold hard cash.

At one time or another have been the grateful recipient of these types of awards, and it would be difficult to choose my favorite. While no one can dispute the value of a big cash prize, winning an element to develop a member of the church has put so much effort and love can be so great emotion. All these things and more are why night bingo is one of the best nights of the week.

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