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Even the most popular software developers for the Internet casinos sometimes experience difficulties in the business aw well. Many gambling operators of online institutions were shown a door from the USA because of the law operating on territory of the country that limits activity of the gambling institutions in the Internet. One of last providers was Microgaming – company which for a long time struggled with the government of United States for the permission of the activity to accept USA players. At last, justice took side with the company-developer and admitted actions of the authorities of the country concerning Microgaming illegal. But I didn’t help as Microgaming has lost considerable profit, reflecting the attacks of the USA government.

But the problems of Micraming did not stop. The announcement of the Internet casino Intertops about cancellation of the agreement with company Microgaming became a big strike for them. This decision was accepted because Microgaming has left the market of hazardous entertainments of the USA. That has caused a number of other problems.

The Internet casino Intertops Accepting US players which specializes in accepting US players began to lose its clients that lived in territory of States that caused also profit decrease. But agreement cancellation has turned back a negative side only for Microgaming as already in the near future Intertops plans to sign the contract with not less known software developer Real Time Gaming (RTG). This contract will allow Intertops to perform financial operations as rates of players and payments of their prizes and also to accept more us players.

This aspect of gambling causes active resistance from outside the governments of the USA that can cause closing of Intertops or long proceedings. So, Intertops subjects itself to the big danger, operating against the charter of the American government.

It is interesting to mention that not long ago Intertops passed from network Microgaming Network in Cake Poker Network. It will take a place of several rooms which have left network Cake Poker in April 2010.
Cake Poker accepts USA players, unlike Microgaming Network. Intertops is a company which is known in business since 1983 and it possesses essential experience in game area. Within the celebrating in Cake Poker, Intertops will spend daily free rolls with a prize of $100 and Sunday tournaments of $1000 Guaranteed with bay-in other $22. To tournament two qualifying free rolls are spent in day. This Saturday, on May, 8th, will pass tournament of $2,500 freebie.
Users of Intertops will also have an opportunity to take part already in May promo actions of Cake Poker Network and play in the casino for USA players.


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