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The game we now know and like as bingo is thought to have originated in Italy, and is believed to have originated in the Italian lottery. This lottery has been played almost every Saturday, and that got its start in 1530, and 1770 of the game word had spread to neighboring France, where he caught the attention of the wealthy elite.

The first cards to play this game featured three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. Each row shows a total of nine squares containing five numbers and four blank were arranged in random order. The vertical columns held ten numbers each, with the first column are numbered from 1 to 10, the second 11-20, and so on, with the last column containing the numbers 81 to 90.

To play the game, wood chips, numbered 1 to 90 were placed in a bag and pulled out one by one. Each player had a single card and the first person to completely cover a horizontal row won.


In the late 1800’s the popularity of this game had engulfed Europe with educational games based on the cards are used to teach children a number of important lessons. At this time the game we know today as Bingo was known more as beano.

It was a simple mishearing of the word beano bingo was to have its current name. A toy salesman from New York to see the game played at a fair in Atlanta thought that bingo players were screaming, and the rest is history.

After bingo came to the US, underwent several changes until it became the game we know today. Bingo has continued to change and evolve, and today there are bingo tournaments, bingo halls, bingo and bingo in casinos, even online.

From humble beginnings in the Internet world, the bingo game is one of the most popular and cherished around the world. If you play for pennies on the local carnival or much money in the next tournament bingo, bingo really is something for everyone.



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