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Do You Know About Your Bingo?

Do you know your bingo? Many people associated bingo with young ladies in church basement, but the reality is quite different. In fact, the game of bingo is growing steadily in popularity with the younger, perhaps stimulated by the success of bingo and online casinos. Also, bingo is a game that is played not so much by men and women, the female population largely what you think. The popularity of...
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Bingo – The Perennial Church Fundraiser

Few fundraisers are identified with various churches and bingo night. During the whole time as I can remember, the night of bingo at the church was a fun experience, and I very much expected. Though I suppose it was technically the game, it was more fun than anything else, and always a much-needed source of income for the church and its good works. As much as the thrill of winning...
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