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Tips for a Most Successful Night in the Bingo Hall


With the proliferation of bingo halls, bingo games and even high participation bingo tournaments, interest in the strategy that is applied to bingo has been growing. While it is important to remember that bingo is primarily a game of luck, there are certainly a number of strategies the players can win, and do, used to give a competitive advantage.

This article focuses on some of our favorite tips to win more games and enjoy their bingo nights more. Whether you’re playing for $ 10 at the local church or $ 10,000 in the biggest tournament of bingo, we hope these tips will help you get more out of the game you love.

Ø If possible, choose bingo games in which they can choose their own cards. If allowed to choose their own cards, be sure to arrive early to have the best selection to choose from.

Ø In the search for cards, look for cards with lower numbers in column B. Avoid higher numbers.

Ø When the selection of cards, in favor of the 19 numbers to 29 in column I. Numbers below 19 should be avoided, and smaller numbers then 14 mostly must be rejected.

Ø For the letter N, try to choose a card with numbers 29-39. All figures in 40 should be avoided where possible.

Ø It is better to choose higher numbers than 49 in column G.

Ø The best numbers in column O tend to be those aged 60 to 68. The number 70 is good, but the numbers over 71 should be avoided.

Ø The above rules apply no matter what kind of bingo you are playing. If you are playing traditional bingo, four corners, blackout or some other combination, these numbers tend to be more likely than others.

Ø And finally, never take more cards than you can do efficiently. Even if you can play cards for a price unlimited, playing more cards than you can see can be counterproductive. If you are unable to keep up with your cards, you may end up losing a great victory.

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