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What is a Progressive Slot Machine


We’ve seen tons of different changes in computer technology over the past decade or two, and the casino industry has certainly grown with some of these changes. Players used to pick an individual slot machine and sit down at it hoping to win the highest jackpot which that particular machine could pay. Casinos still offer plenty of those machines, and people still play them. However, the popularity and growth in progressive slot machines has really picked up and we’re starting to see more and more of those on casino floors now as well.

Progressive Slot Machine

Progressive slots are usually the same as any regular slot machine, only they offer much larger jackpots than usual. In some cases, these jackpots are even large enough to be a life changer as they go up into the millions. Progressive machines are usually grouped together and may even be linked up with other groups of the same machines in multiple casinos around the country. A perfect example of this would be the popular Wheel of Fortune game. You’ve probably seen these slot machines at your local casino, and they can usually be played at $0.25, $1, and $5. You’ll notice these machines are always grouped together, and there will be one large jackpot displayed at the top which any player can hit from any of the machines in that group. The Wheel of Fortune progressive works slightly different, though. Since these machines are linked across the country, players in Atlantic City, Chicago, and Las Vegas can all win the same progressive jackpot. Stand alone progressive slots are also available. But, most casinos will only have a selected few of these.

Look around the casino next time you’re playing, and you will likely see the term “progressive” being used all over the place. The truth is, casinos offer progressive jackpots in all types of games. Video poker, slot machines, and even some table games will have active progressive jackpots. Some casinos even offer a “bad beat jackpot” to people actively playing Texas Holdem poker.

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