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What makes a good Bingo Site?


Every online bingo site has its pros and cons so it’s very rare to find a site that suits the needs of every player. So what, in your eyes, makes a good bingo site?

Promotions and Freebies?

Do you enjoy free money offers, free bingo points, free deposits and withdrawals, free slots and free anything else you can get? Of course you do and so does every other bingo player. Thankfully most bingo sites now offer some form of promotion and freebies, and the same can be said for ITV Bingo.

Here you get free money whenever you make a deposit, free money when you introduce a friend and free slots for when you’re not quite sure what you’re doing – just so you don’t gamble away all your bingo ticket money while learning the ropes.

Instant Win Games?

Of course there is going to be plenty of bingo on a good bingo website but do you also like the additional instant win games? These are the slot machines and scratch cards you can play in between bingo games, or indeed during them if you choose the auto-dab option for your tickets.

If you like to play slots then ITV Bingo is again a good site to try out. This site has numerous slot machines to chance your luck at and, as mentioned above, a number of the slots can be played as ‘free’ slots (you can’t win money but you can quickly learn the ins and outs of the machine for when you do use money).

Of course these are only two suggestions for making a good bingo site, but they are definitely two of the main attractions that entice people to join up and play.

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